Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Self Esteem - What Parent Has Any Left?

Hi all,

A little tired this morning because I was at the Hampton Beach Casino last night seeing Melissa Etheridge perform - she is amazing! Still rockin it at 50 and plays for almost two and a half hours. No warm-up band, no back-up singers, no fancy choreography or light shows. Just Melissa and her guitar. Incredible.

Anyway, I could use a pick me up today. Feeling like the not-so-subtle signs of aging are creeping up on me and my kids feel compelled these days to comment on all of my physical flaws. My double chin, my scaley legs, my small chest, you name it. Kids have absolutely no concept that one day they too will succumb to these things. Ignorance truly is bliss. I long for that naivity sometimes - that feeling that time moves on but that you will always stay exactly the same. 

Here are some of my favorite recent comments that are making me reconsider cosmetic surgery...or boarding school for my kids:

"Oh yuck, my legs are going to have big pores like yours!"
"Do I have a chin like ... (with a tone of disgust)...yours?"
"I like your mushy stomach because it's so comfortable to lie on."
"Mom, let's face it (looking at my chest), you never really sprouted, did you?"
"Sometimes I get those lines on my forehead that you have all the time."

Yeah, that'll make you want to open a vein.
Good thing I have a healthy sense of humor and a stocked liquor cabinet.

More tomorrow...

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