Thursday, September 06, 2012

Mac n Mouse

Hello friends,

I've finally come around to the thinking that our family needs a Mac. You see we've been a PC family but that's not working out so well any more. After visiting my girlfriend in New York this summer and playing on her Mac I realized why the Apple store looks like a techie playground every time I walk by. I want to play too!! Pick me, pick me!

These things can do everything but call you baby...wait, we have Siri for that. (she calls me Sexy Hot Mama). It goes over well in client meetings at work. But I digress.

I want a Mac and one of those fancy Mac Mouses with no discernible buttons to click. It's like livin' the dream really. So that investment will be our capital improvement project for the year. Yes, we need new garage doors more but can they make a movie with those fancy swipes and dissolves? I think not.

On a separate note it is my Katie's 15th birthday today...sniff. Hard to believe my girl is a young woman now and I'm so proud of who she is turning out to be. Strong, confident, smart and beautiful on the inside and out.  Yes, she still loses everything and has to be dragged out of bed for school and can definitely hand out her share of sass-  but all in all, she's a good one. I think we'll keep her. Happy Birthday honey.

Time to get ready for work. I have to save for that @#% Mac!

Just keepin' it real!

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  1. Resident Dad8:03 AM

    Thought your followers would enjoy this column from recent edition of The New Yorker:


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