Monday, January 14, 2013

When you give a mom a muffin. Sass!

My teenage daughters have made it painfully clear to me that the language they use should in no way ever be adopted, uttered or even alluded to by anyone "old" which is like over the age of 30, a demographic I have belonged to for quite some time.  They use words like "awk" and "sass" and others that I can't pronounce or spell and definitely don't want to know the meaning of.

The problem comes when, after  hearing the word 5,342 times, you find yourself quite mistakenly using the term in public. Like say, at the Dunkin Donuts drive through. But in my defense, they didn't have any pumpkin muffins. And I really wanted a pumpkin muffin because when you give a Mom a muffin, well Lord knows what can happen. Next she wants a latte or a Pomegranate Cosmo or just a little respect.

Anyway, upon hearing that my order could not be filled, I reacted with a vociferous response which may have included the word SASS! I regret such response and am wholly sorry for the embarrassment that it inflicted on both myself, my children and my unborn grandchildren. But it came out nonetheless and I still didn't get my damned muffin.

So I think I've been banned from the drive-through...any drive through. And that may just save me some cash in the long run. Sass!

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