Thursday, August 30, 2012

Scavenger Hunt a Tell-Tale Sign of the Times

Hey friends,

So this past weekend we did a mall scavenger hunt for my daughter Emma's 13th birthday. If you're wondering - what the hell is that? - you are not alone since I had no clue either. I think she got the idea from some website called or Something along those lines.

At any rate we had about 10 tween girls running through the mall in 2 teams - getting pictures with sales clerks, trying on silly outfits, posing with mannequins and dancing through name it, we did it. And you know what, it was actually a blast! The girls were well behaved and really good sports. The most fun was coming home and creating a slide show of their adventures. Hilarious. This picture is in response to the challenge of getting every team member to where a shirt with a different animal on it. Clever. My daughter is second from right with the giant Hello Kitty shirt (and no we didn't buy it).

What amazed me most though is what little effect we had on the people around us. I expected strange looks and befuddled glares (which there were some) but really, most people just kind of ignored our craziness. This to me, is a sign of the times. We live in such a whacky world that girls with matching bandanas doing a conga line through the Apple store did not raise an eyebrow. In fact, no one looked up from their devices!

This is truly a mad, mad, world. It's sort of frightening isn't it?

Have a great Thursday...


  1. Will have to post the conga line's one even looks up!

  2. Fabulous.

  3. Hmmmm..... I think that sounds like a fun Bunco alternative!


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